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Outdoor Terrace Flooring

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For the outdoor terrace decking people use natural materials or wood-polymer composition.

Outdoor Terrace Flooring Tips

Terrace flooring

Terrace flooring

The main of them are the following:

• Exotic wood;

• Thermowood;

• Impregnated boards;

• Wood-polymer composite, decking;

• Conventional (domestic wood breeds).

For terraces, playgrounds, garden paths they use practical decking, which has the following properties:

• Ability to withstand the mechanical loads;

• Increased resistance to moisture and temperature variations;

• Non-susceptibility to rot, fungi and insects;

• Durable construction;

• High performance.

Decking of tropical wood

This material is characterized by high density. Timber is full of oily substances due to growth in humid tropical climate. It has rich colors.


Thanks to technologies of thermal processing, at which there is a rearrangement of the cellular structure of wood, the wood acquires improved operational characteristics. It has a reduced sensitivity to changes in temperature and humidity, decreased swelling and shrinkage, and increased durability. However, the wood in such treatment becomes more fragile and prickly.

Profiles of wood-polymer composite

Externally this material is difficult to distinguish from conventional boards. It consists of wood chips, polymer (PVC or polypropylene), and modifying additives. Flooring of these boards, which is also called decking, is durable, resistant to temperature extremes, and is not susceptible to rot and cracking. Wood-polymer composite is water resistant. It can be installed in different ways.

Installation of decking board

The logs are laid on the prepared base of concrete slabs. The distance between logs is 15-20 inches.  Then the boards are fixed in different ways: with screws or by “tongue and groove” end connection. Leave small gaps between decking boards for drainage and ventilation. While laying terraced decking it is important to avoid the presence of non-drying areas. Equipping the terrace, you need to provide a small slope for runoff of water away from the house, where it is going to the drainage system.

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