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Outdoor Entertaintment Area

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Summer is a great time for outdoors leisure activities but in order for them to be comfortable and pleasant you need some space that would help you not only grill some barbecue but also entertain your guests and family. We’ve covered a few ideas already including your very own outdoor bar and a movie theater.

Outdoor Entertaintment for Summer

Outdoor bowling alley

Outdoor Bowling Alley

An outdoor bowling alley is definitely going to blow your guests away and be fun to kids and adults alike. It’s not even that hard to make but you’ll have to buy the balls and pins, you’ll also have to arrange the latter yourself.

Swimming Pool Swing/Bar

The pool bar can be fun for adults but the kids could make a great game out of a swimming pool swing. The only challenge would be where and how to install it.



A trampoline will definitely make your smaller guests delighted. You’ll have to set the trampoline rules though and also supervise their compliance to avoid traumas and injuries.

Beach Entry Pool

A beach entry pool or a beach strip in your backyard is a sure way to make your and your guests’ summer. Create your own resort inside your backyard walls and enjoy the rest of the summer sipping lemonade in a privacy of your own home.

Backyard mini golf course

Mini Golf Course

A mini golf course will make the golf enthusiasts appreciate your evening get togethers and also make for great family activity.

When setting up an entertainment area just think about your and your family interests. Or maybe your friends like playing football or other outdoor games. This will help you determine what to do and if not, you can always just make a cool patio or terrace work.

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