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Outdoor Entertainment Designs

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Outdoor entertainment can be more enjoyable if you create a design. Developing ideas to design an outdoor venue need not be a difficult undertaking. Focus on the type of venue you will be working in and develop a plan that works with the entertainment at the event. Even on a limited budget, you can employ your imagination to develop ideas that will impress your audience.

Ideas for designing outdoor entertainment area

Themed designs are very often a great choice, especially for outdoor events aimed at celebrating a holiday or the changing seasons, such as a fall festival. Add elements that help to represent that particular holiday or season, such as a giant inflatable Santa or a winter background for the stage. Another area is to develop themed outdoor designs that show how things have changed over time. For example, if your university is putting on an outdoor entertainment event to welcome new students at the beginning of the academic year, consider including large images of students, staff and events as the institution changed over time.

If you’re organizing an event that would benefit from an outdoor theme, such as an “Earth Day” celebration, incorporate natural elements into your design aesthetic. For example, decorate a stage to appear to be a beautiful garden. Add an arch cover in ivy or spread flower petals across the stage. An outdoor play can be another event that would be ideal for a nature-based aesthetic theme.

If you are putting on a rock concert or other outdoor event meant to entertain teens or young adults, include a few special effects to your event to add a bit of excitement to the main attraction. Special effects for an outdoor event can include lighting effects, pyrotechnics, lasers or sound effects. It is a good idea to hire a company that specializes in handling pyrotechnics for your event to avoid injuries and/or damages to property in nearby areas.

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