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Outdoor Christmas Tree Ideas

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What can be more festive than streets that ignite with hundreds of lights and yards that stage the different Christmas scenes? Decorating outdoors can be as fun and as expensive but even just a Christmas tree (real, fake, or alternative) can bring enough holiday spirit to your front lawn or backyard.

Outdoor Christmas Trees

Outdoor Christmas tree

Classic Christmas outdoor decor

If you’re a lover of curb appeal the quickest way to add holiday touch to your exterior and outdoors is to perch a Christmas tree or two or three in your yard. Lights can finish off and enrich the decor but the Christmas tree will be the focus of the picture. So make sure your Christmas tree is noticeable and creative.

You know you’ve hit the jack pot if you have a tree growing in your yard or garden. Throw on some lights and ribbons and you will get the look. If it snows and the tree is tall enough you definitely get a live postcard photo op right there. Of course, not all the conditions are possible for everyone so you can place your live tree outdoors among your other trees or purchase the one that’s more natural looking. If you’re on a budget though you still have tons of options.

Any other live tree can be decorated as the Christmas tree. You can also decorate your topiaries with garlands and baubles. You can have carton or cardboard Christmas tree cutouts decorated or painted beautiful metallic color. Other materials for your tree could be pallets, wire, bottles, and even planter pots.

You can also make an alternative Christmas tree in a planter pot as an arrangement of green pine branches and cones, baubles, ribbons, and bows.

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