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Nesting Treehouses by Blue Forest Are Best Of Their Kind

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The Bespoke Treehouse deisgner Blue Forest has released their plans for a multi-million treehouse development on UK’s Wight Isle with the goal of letting people get closer to nature in luxury peculiar houses and lodges as well as tents.

Blue Forest’s Nesting Treehouses

Nesting Treehouses designs

Set to open in Spring 2018 the development will see the construction of thirteen eco-conscious nest-like treehouses, eleven timber lodges disguised in greenery, and forty seasonal tents. Each treehouse will locate differently depending on the tree. Inspired by Weaver birds’ nests the designers will position them in the tree canopies in the woodland allowing dwellers to experience life close to nature.

The timber cabins look attractive as well with their tall windows and wooden balconies.

Nesting Treehouses concept

Nesting Treehouses

Nesting Treehouses sketch

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