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Most Incredible Outdoor Features You’d Want In Your Backyard Now

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Some outdoor projects are just better than the others. They are impressive, beautiful, sometimes mind-boggling. Their only downside? They can be pretty expensive. Nevertheless, these incredible outdoor features are inspiring and just might give you some fresh ideas for outdoor design and decor.

Most Incredible Outdoor Features

Swimming pool conversation pit

Horizon pool conversation pit

Swimming Pool Conversation Pit

A conversation pit looks impressive anywhere but in the middle of the pool it becomes some sort of a miracle. Such project will take lots of careful planning, money, and effort but it’s so worth it. Pool parties would take on a whole new meaning and an evening in such a surrounding would simply seem like a dream. Besides it’s the ultimate resort feature for outdoors.

Tree House

A tree house may sound childish but when you see how it might look you’d just might reconsider. A beautifully made tree house will not only accomodate a few adults but will also make for an architectural statement of its own without harming a tree.

Outdoor bathroom

Outdoor bathroom

Outdoor Bathroom

Forget outdoor shower. Unless it has a bathtub it’s just not that impressive anymore. A natural stone or wooden bath is a great addition to the outdoors but you can always play on contrast between materials and bring out your old tub instead. Just make sure to style it properly so it looked luxurious instead of junk-like.

Meditation Pod

If you want to find Zen you’ll have to have some place to get away from it all and meditation pod is just what you might need. This one looks like a lotus flower and would be ideal for anyone who meditates and does yoga.

There are also hip and trendy transparent pools, swimming pool home theaters, exterior wallpaper, waterfalls, and spilled flower pots.

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