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Moss as Decoration in Gardens

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Moss, although quite unwanted in some cases, especially when it grows indoors, does bring a certain charm to the outdoor area. Especially popular in the small enclosed places, moss can become a miracle attraction in your garden. Today we are going to get inspired by the most beautiful moss garden decor ideas!

moss garden decor

Moss Features in the Outdoors

Moss is a type of plant, that grows in the moist and shady places. These are small non-woody plants, which absorb water and nutrients mainly through their leaves and  photosynthesis. There are approximately 20 000 types of moss. Moss is also used for decorative purposes in the outdoors.

Japanese gardens are known for using moss extensively in outdoor decor. It signifies tranquility and magic, that surrounds that area. In Japanese types of  gardens, moss is covering the whole ground area of the outdoors. Japanese gardens are considered perfect for growing a wide variety of moss types. However, that is not really convenient in contemporary outdoor area.

moss garden decor

Usually, not the whole surface of the garden is covered with moss; instead opt to include some moss-covered onjects. Such areas could be practically anything, however to add some visual interest you can recycle the old logs and pieces, that you otherwise would throw away. In XIX there was a whole movement, called Mossery, dedicated to making moss a piece of outdoor or indoor decor.

Moss can also be used as a roof green cover. It is actually more convenient than grass, because there is no root system, and no actual maintenance required. Another way to incorporate moss to the outdoors on a bigger scale is to decorate the pathways with it. Some plant the moss in between the paver stones to create a dramatic look.

moss garden decor

So, how do you grow moss for decorative uses on different surfaces? Well, you will need to have some natural moss, blender, buttermilk or beer, spatula and piece you want to cover with moss. Mix a handful of moss with buttermilk or beer in a blender and then spread this mixture on the item with a spatula. Then, place this item in a sunny location, however try to avoid direct sunlight. In a few weeks, the pot or a log would become a nice attraction in your outdoor area. Meanwhile, enjoy the inspiration of using moss,  presented below!

Moss Decor Accents

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