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Modern Styles of Outdoor Kitchens

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In order to create a warm family atmosphere, an outdoor kitchen can be decorated in different styles, depending on the taste preferences of the owners. Currently we use materials made by the newest technologies, allowing to make our kitchens not only stylish and modern, but functional.

3 Modern Styles of Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchen in ecological style

Outdoor kitchen in ecological style

Ecological style

We often find elements from the environment in modern interiors. These interiors are created in ecological style, which is a relatively new, but very popular trend in interior design.

Ecological style has the following features:

– The use of natural materials in the decoration of the walls, floor (eg, cork, wood);

– The use of textiles made ​​from natural fabrics, eco-friendly furniture;

– Colors, approximate to the “natural”;

– A large amount of space and light;

– Green plants.

Outdoor kitchen, decorated in ecological style, will not only be comfortable and safe in terms of the materials, but also will become an extension of your garden.

Loft style

This style involves interior decoration in the form of manufactures, warehouses, workshops.

Special features of Loft style include:

– Cold shades of color (gray, blue, metallic);

– Simple functional furniture;

– Large windows, often without textile processing;

– A mixture of old and new textures, materials (eg, masonry and glass);

– The presence of architectural elements such as stairs, pipes, etc.

You can use so-called soft loft style for the outdoor kitchen design. Here the color scheme of walls can be shades of beige, soft shades of gray, not such cold, which is used in the usual loft style. In walls decoration you can use clinker tiles, brick, stucco, decorative concrete of warm shades.

High-tech style

If you want to bring urban atmosphere in your outdoor kitchen, then you can decorate it in the style of hi-tech, which in some of its features is similar to the style of loft, but still characterized by greater practicality in the selection of materials and components.

In high-tech style we use the following items:

– The use of advanced materials in the decoration and design (glass, plastic , conductive panels , etc.);

– Functional furniture, appliances;

– The basic colors: gray, silver, metallic;

– The location of the lighting elements mainly along the perimeter;

– Practical and functional space planning .

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