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Mirror Fence in Seasonal Colors

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Each spring, owners of private houses start ​​painting their fences. Some people repaint a wall in the same color, which was before. Those, who want something new, are changing the shades. Most advanced amateurs of diversity can replace the old fence with a mirror one, which will changes the hue every few minutes, depending on the weather, time of day and year.

Mirror Fence in Seasonal Colors by Alyson Shotz

Mirror Fence in summer

Mirror Fence in summer

The first model of the mirror fence stretches for 137 ft. It was installed in the Lower Hudson Valley (New York). Today, the similar design can be seen in parks around the world. So the idea was successful.

Mirrored fences look equally impressive both in winter and summer, and autumn and spring.

The product is practical and easy to care. All you need to do in the spring is to wipe the fence with a damp cloth.

Designer of the Mirror Fence is an American artist Alyson Shotz. Alyson said that she wished that her fence was constantly changing depending on the surrounding conditions, time of day, weather, etc. She believes that the ideal work of art is always something unknowable until the end.

This talented girl graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1987. And in 1991 she earned a Master of Fine Arts in the University of Washington. Her exhibitions are scheduled for several years ahead, and all ideas are invariably popular among art lovers.

Of course, a fence purely made of mirror would be impractical solution. Mirror Fence is made of acrylic, wood and aluminum sheets, which reflect the landscape.

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