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Japanese Tea Garden

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If you would like to decorate our outdoors in a calming way, try Japanese tea garden, as it will add certainly style and will make your outdoor hours more enjoyable! Here are some basic and simple tips you can follow to decorate your garden in Japanese Tea Garden Style!


Japanese Tea Gardening tips

Everybody knows that Japanese tea garden is not simply a garden in Japanese style that is perfect for tea drinking. Tea drinking is considered a sacred ceremony in Japan, there is even a special word they use to describe the tea garden – Roji! However, you don’t need to remodel the whole landscape to achieve that essence of Japanese garden. With just a few ingridients, you can add to your outdoors a special serene atmosphere of the Japanese tea garden!


The design of the garden is taken from the name, Roji, meaning the Path. It is a preparation for a great mystery of the tea ceremony, the chanoyu. As the main centerpiece of the garden there should be a garden shed, which would allow you to perform the tea drinking ceremony. A small house would be sufficient for these purposes. There should also be a path, leading up to the tea house.


What you also should be aware of is that the garden is kind of divided into outter and inner spaces. Of course the differences in these two areas can be only symbolic and can be divided by the little hedge from branches. In creation of a path, which will lead to the tea house, it is important to choose the windy way, because the purpose of this road is in contemplation. The usual way to make a path is to use stepping stones.


The tea house should have some kind of a gate or a fence, as mentioned earlier. It can be a simple hedge from branches, or a small trellis with vines. The purpose of this gate is to mark where the worries should be left aside and enter into the house renewed and ot worrying. No less important is the view of the garden, so make sure that the Japanese garden is looking very lush, and smelling amazing as well. Enjoy your Japanese Tea garden!


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