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Interesting Design of Garden Well

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Times when wells were used widely for their intended purpose have long gone away. However centralized water supply or well drilling, probably never completely abolish and replace these elements of suburban landscape. Wells since ancient times were endowed with magical powers: they were imagined as the gates to other worlds; they were used during various ceremonies and rituals.

Garden Well: Interesting Design Ideas

Wooden well

Wooden well

Today we no longer remember the symbolism of the wells, and the water is most often taken out of the tap, but many country houses  have these facilities mostly as a decoration. If your well is still a source of life-giving water, you have more reasons to make it not only useful, but also beautiful.

Use the color

For arrangement of modern wells we most commonly use concrete rings by dipping them into the mine. The same ring is crowned by the construction, not decorating it with its appearance and dull gray color. but if you paint it, then even a simple concrete ring will look very impressively in bright colors.

Flower decoration

But you can also leave the well deliberately simple, even rude. Flowers will look spectacular on this background.

Floral arrangements are good only for decorative wells. It is difficult to imagine how to take water from the well, magnificently decorated with greenery and all sorts of flowers.


The material from which the well is made​​, should be combined with the environment by all means. For example, a well made of wooden logs will look most natural next to a wooden house.

Note: traditional wells for some northern regions are convenient and practical. If you intend toyou’re your well regularly, especially in winter, a gable roof eliminates the tedious clearing after every snowfall.

But those who love the monumental structures will probably like a brick or stone well.

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