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Impressive Front Door Plant Decor Ideas

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Front door is the first thing guests see and if you want to make an impression a couple of planter pots can certainly help you with that. But it’s not enough just to plop two identical plants at the sides of the door. You need to think it through.

Front Door Plant Decor Ideas

That pink door

That pink door house by Moises Esquenazi

If you are familiar with the famous pink door house in Palm Springs designed by Moises Esquenazi through interior magazines or Pinterest, you will understand. ‘That pink door’ and those massive succulents make a statement together so much so that the house has been popping up on social media, blogs, and in various magazines and even made it to Metropolitan Home Magazine’s “Best Homes in America” list. The whole front entry ensemble made people so excited they go to Palm Springs to take pictures with it.

This is an ideal marriage of color, design, and decor for us. If you don’t want strangers constantly stalking your front door, though you can go for something more modest and traditional. Shrubs, small trees and small bushes are a front door classic. They always work but may look a bit boring. You can add a pop of color by planting them with the blooming perennials.

If you are looking for something more relaxed and less formal look into blooming shrubs and crawling plants to decorate your entryway.

When choosing planting pots make sure they complement the door and exterior in general. If you don’t have a porch as in case with that pink door house, you can employ decorative gravel to beautify the area in front of the door.

Hanging planter pots aren’t just for porches either. You can definitely use them instead of traditional planters to give your front door some special charm.

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