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Ice Decorations for Christmas

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You do not need any special tools to create outdoor ice decorations for Christmas. All you need is to find a suitable bowl and prepare natural materials. It can be various branches (green, dry, pine), rowan berries, sea buckthorn, cranberries, and rose hips. For brightness, you can add a slice of lemon and orange.

Christmas Decorations Made of Ice

Christmas wreath frozen in ice

Christmas wreath frozen in ice

You can make an unusual Christmas wreath frozen in ice. Freezing is carried out in two stages. Put branches and berries in a circle into a ring-shaped bowl, or use the prepared wreath. Then add some water and put it into the cold. When the water freezes and twigs are fixed, fill the entire bowl with water. It is necessary to keep this order to fix the whole decoration exactly as you planned. If you just pour all the water, the fillers will come to the top, and a beautiful Christmas ornament will not work.

Making ice Christmas decorations

Making icy Christmas decorations 

Other Christmas ice decorations are made in the same manner. The dishes can be very different and you do not necessarily need to use cookware. You can use cans, cut up bottles, plastic cups, children’s sandboxes and tins.

You also can make a stylish candleholder of ice for outdoor decoration. It is particularly relevant for those who are going to celebrate Christmas in the country. You’ll need two dishes of the same height and of different diameter to make such a candlestick. Try to match them so that one of them could fit into another, leaving a gap between the walls.

Christmas icy candleholder

Christmas icy candleholder

Put a smaller pot exactly in the middle of the large one. Lay some pebbles in the small pot and fix them with a tape so that they could not move under the water. Put Christmas decorations into the space between the dishes and add some water. Freeze the water and repeat this step two more times, adding new elements of decoration.

When everything is ready, remove the candleholder from the mold. To do this, first, pour some hot water into the small dish, and then warm up large one. The same technique can be used to make an ice champagne bucket.

Icy champagne bucket

Icy champagne buckets

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