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How to Organize Children’s Party Outdoors

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Many parents want to organize a special party for their child. Often parties, which are held indoors have the same end: at some stage, children begin to get tired, bored, and the event can turn into a complete mess. Another thing, when the feast is organized in the yard: fresh air and vast space brings a lot of joy and allows to remember this day for a long time. But this requires more preparations.

How to Organize Children’s Party in Open Air

Outdoor party for kids

Outdoor party for kids

Before the preparations, it is necessary to decide, which topics will be of interest to your kid, because all subsequent preparation will be built on this, whether it is a Hawaiian party or meeting friends of Winnie the Pooh. It is very important that decorations, entertainment, and festive paraphernalia were maintained in the chosen theme of the party.

Yard decorating

No festive atmosphere is possible without ornaments. They can be bought or made with your own hands.

Decorations can be in the form of geometric figures, colored flags, banners with congratulations, LED lighting and flashing lamps (garlands), paper balls, bows, bells, various fairy-tale characters ( Winnie the Pooh, magical fairy, pirate ship) made of cardboard, colored pape or foil and attached to trees.

Balls can be of different sizes and materials from foil to latex. There are balls with LED backlight, which look great in the evening. There is even a remote control balls of sheer size. They can be in the form of sharks, cars, etc.

Festive table

You should provide:

1. Place, where children can wash their hands.

2. Bright disposable dishes, tablecloth, cups, napkins, beverage tubes, not sharp forks.

Diversity on the table depends on the age of the child, as well as individual characteristics and preferences.

Outdoor activities

We can often find kids of all ages at a children’s party. In such case you need to consider the program so that it was interesting to every child. A thoughtful script allows plan everything in advance.

The main thing is not to give the children get bored.

Entertainment program:

Role playing

Pirates under “parent-captain” leadership may seek the lost treasure. If there are too many children, you can divide them into teams to make it easier to follow the process.

Very young children can be engaged in a mobile game. Create an impromptu pool for them, filling it with balls for dry basin. You can inflate the boat, if any, and organize a swimming pool in it. Tents and soft tube are also suitable for kids.

Team competition

You can come up with a team competition for older kids. In this case the spirit of excitement is very powerful and allows children to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game. This can be a tug of war, sack races, etc. A favorite pastime of children from 3 years is competition for blowing soap bubbles.


You will need to make or buy a bright object from cardboard or paper for Piñata in the form of a ball, square, animal figure, etc. The object is previously filled with candy, confetti, etc. Hang it on a branch, and the child with closed eyes should knock it down or break it with a stick.



Firecrackers, fireworks, sky lanterns

Confetti, firecrackers and final fireworks, or even a fountain, will be a pleasant end of the celebration.

Evening gatherings around the campfire

You can gather around a campfire or grill with older children in the evening, looking at the stars and telling interesting stories. During the gathering you can roast various goodies on skewers. And when it is quite dark, release lanterns to the sky.

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