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How to Decorate Terrace and Gazebo

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Designers are fighting for our right to comfortably rest in the fresh air. Battleground is terraces, porches, roofs, pergolas and garden pavilions. We picked the 7 interesting outdoor areas design ideas. Typically modern terrace is separated from the house with a sliding glass wall. It is an important but not the only way to connect the interior and nature. Landscape architecture helps to run away from house and spend time with the same comfort as indoors.

7 Ideas for Inspiration: Terrace and Gazebo

House in South Africa by architect Seth Stein

House in South Africa by architect Seth Stein

House in Sao Paulo by architect Arthur Casas

This terrace is a logical continuation of the dining room. For this reason its flooring is made of the same planks as the floor inside the house. But if the interior furniture is made of white paint and metal, the outdoorsy furnishings were made of wood, emphasizing the closeness to nature.

House in Johannesburg by architect Stephen Falke

The terrace itself and the surrounding garden are unremarkable, but a huge sculpture gives the space a slightly surreal view, saving it from monotony. Large decorative vases support the architect’s play with the scale.

House in Santa Monica by architect Oscar Niemeyer

The garden was created by the current owners of the house, Michael and Gabrielle Boyd. Multilevel planning helps to make even a relatively small portion interesting and versatile.

House in South Africa by architect Seth Stein

The best on this terrace are a niche with a sofa with white cushions. The choice of material for wall and canopy refers to the local building traditions, softening harsh contemporary architecture.

House in Sydney by architect Richard Leplastrier

The house stands on a steep slope. The landscape is picturesque, but is not very convenient for living. So a whole system of terraces was built around the house. They are located at different levels and connected by stairs.

House in Mexico by designer Jenny Armit

In fact, it is an ordinary terrace, but not next to the house. It is in the back garden. Arranging a dining hall in such gazebo makes sense, if the site is not very big.

House in the Hamptons by designer Shamir Shah

Octagonal garden pavilion is made by specialists of the British company, Marston & Langinger. The hosts arrange dinner parties there.

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