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How to Decorate Open Balcony

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Cozy place of rest, a place for family gatherings and even for the reception – this is what your city apartment balcony can become if do its decoration. Gazebo can be used at almost any time of year, but what about an outdoor balcony? An unglazed balcony has its advantages and we offer some ideas on how to decorate it.

Open Balcony Decorating Ideas

Open balcony decorating example

Open balcony decorating example

For the warm season an unglazed balcony is the great option. You can sit on a flowering balcony in summer, drinking juice, sunbathing and watching over the city. But first you need to create a comfortable environment for this. Negative aspects of an open balcony include openness to the wind and precipitation, but it is a quite solvable problem.

Flooring on an open balcony

Since the balcony is not glazed, it will suffer all the time from rain, street dust, and even leaves from the nearby trees. Therefore, the floor on the open balcony must be resistant to external influences and easy to wash. Ideally, you can use a tile or stone. If you live in a rented apartment and do not plan to make repairs on the balcony, then you can paint a wooden floor. For example, light colors will be ideal for spring and summer.

Open balcony decorations

The most interesting thing is, of course, decorating a balcony. When the balcony is not glazed, the main thing is that everything was easy to hide from the rain and wind, and those items which cannot be hidden, were resistant to rain and wind.

Furniture for open balcony

It is better to choose light and compact collapsible furniture that fit easily in a closet or pantry in folded state. Plastic or wooden tables and chairs are available in the wide range in any store that sells garden furniture.

Flowers and plants

Beautiful floral arrangements can decorate any balcony. Select flowers that feel good in the open field. Since an unglazed balcony is open to all winds, choose a heavy and massive flower pots of ceramic or wood, so that wind could blow your plants.


In order to make your balcony cozy, create a truly homely atmosphere. Chairs can be covered by cushions. Decorate table by table cloths in one color pallet with cushions. If your balcony is located on the sunny side, you can provide a canopy of fabric or light blinds that are easy to deploy and collapse. Decorate your balcony with garden lanterns, candles in high candlesticks, lay a comfortable rug under the feet, put a magazine rack or place a stack of your favorite magazines. Beautiful tableware, pleasant things, all this will make your balcony an inviting summer residence.

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