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How to Choose Colors for Facade

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Facade of the house is a reflection of the uniqueness of its owners. Depending on many factors, such as color, architectural details, and many others, you can help your home shine. However, the color of house facade still remains the most important factor in the attractiveness of the house, as well as one of the cheapest and easiest ways. Choosing colors for the facade can be decomposed into four simple tips.

Choosing Color Combinations for House Facade

Bright South Yarra House in Australia

Bright South Yarra House in Australia

House also has its own personality

Like your style, your home has its own personality. It can be formed in the likeness of neighboring homes, your family’s lifestyle or geographic locations. Facade color should reflect the personality of the house. Whether it would be fine pastel palette of colors or bright, fashionable palette, your home should look especially.

Use the natural environment for color selection

Vicinity of your home can greatly affect your choice of color for the facade of the house. Houses in mountain areas usually have a dark brown color. Houses near the beach can draw inspiration from the colors of sand, sky and sea. Look to the environment, but do not try to merge with it.

Beach house

Beach house

Use historically established color

If you live in the historic center of the city or just in an elegant Victorian home or a Tudor style house, you know perfectly that it is important to keep the traditions of the style.

Selected color should match well with any season

It is worth remembering that the color of your house will not change, as the colors of environment around the house. During a day everything is bright, but at night it turns pale and dark; in winter everything is snowy and white, in fall there are lots gold and yellow-red colors, in spring and summer there are more green shades.

Do not use green for those houses that are surrounded by deciduous trees. Try to avoid the main seasonal colors, so that your home did not “disappear” among the natural colors in the environment.

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