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How to Build Garden House

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Garden House is one of the most essential and common constructions in the garden, which can carry a variety of functions. It can be used to keep things that do not fit in the house. It can serve as a small workshop. But it is primarily intended for storage of garden tools and accessories.

Garden House Building Tips

Garden house

Garden house

A house in the garden can also make your pastime in the garden more comfortable, as in the summer you can relax there with the whole family. Having the skills to work with simple tools and building materials, and having the knowledge of the elementary building technologies, you can build a cozy little garden house by yourself.

Stages of construction:

1. Create a project for future construction. Be sure to immediately decide for what purpose you need a house – for recreation, storage of old things, furniture or for a living. This point is very important. If the structure is necessary for housekeeping needs, then you can build a simple shed. For this you will need just one sketch. For the dwelling you will have to build a house of not less than 300 ft2.

2. Decide on a place in the garden, where the house will be built. Do not locate the house in low-lying areas, because they will accumulate water. So make your choice on the high areas of the plot. The best option would be to arrange a house in the north-west or north of the site. Place windows and the front door on the southeastern or eastern side of the house.

3. Pick a building material. You can use bricks. Choose the foam blocks, if you want to choose more practical material and to speed up the building process at the same time. It is also possible to use a finished design. You just have to deliver it to the site and assemble according to the drawing.

4. Erect the house foundation. If you plan to build a one-floor house, then use the concrete foundation plates. Their number and size depend on your future construction parameters. The plates are set at a depth of six inches, after having compacted and leveled the sand in advance.

5. Lift the roof of the house. The roof should be of a very simple triangular shape with the presence of two stingrays. The windows are made of boards or bars. But if you have old frames, you can use them.

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