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House with Cozy Gazebo and Mimosa Flavor

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The owners of the house are a married couple with children. Fleeing from the London cold, they bought a house in the south of Spain. Now, each time leaving home, they dream to come back here as soon as possible. What is the secret of this love to the southern house? It is not only in the soft Spanish climate and proximity to the warm sea! The owners with the help of designers have arranged the Mediterranean nest, surrounded by a beautiful garden.

House with Cozy Gazebo and Mimosa Flavor in Spain

House in the south of Spain

House in the south of Spain with terrace and gazebo

In some ways, this house is similar to other Spanish houses. But there are also certain original features, located just in the garden. It is a picturesque gazebo for entertaining and guests reception, lush bushes of mimosa blooming in all their sunny glory, filling the house and the garden with its delicate flavor.

As in any Spanish house, a real rest here focuses on the cozy terrace. The home team is proud of a large garden and a luxurious swimming pool in the backyard. Notice how the light wicker furniture is combined with decorative pillows with “kilim” pattern.

There are more bright colors on the terrace, including a truly summer shade as “aqua”. Cushions of sand colors highlight tone of the furniture, greenish-blue cushions make accents.

The family usually has dinner in the dining room or on the terrace. And there is a beautiful gazebo in the center of the garden for receiving guests. There is a table with a white cloth, armchairs with soft cushions, fragrant flowers and herbs. You would want to stay there for long.

The highlight of this section is unusual dishes (silver bowls, saucers in the form of leaves, shiny coasters for dishes). The atmosphere here is relaxing both during the day and at sunset. A combination of a thatched roof and soft light of candles in Moroccan floor sconces creates a truly romantic atmosphere.

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