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Heat Your Patio

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Many homeowners spent a great deal of time trying to determine the best ways to heat a patio. The fact is, there are a variety of different ways to go about heating a patio, many of which often go overlooked. Heating a patio doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, especially if one puts the right amount of effort into learning how to go about the process in a responsible manner. The following are just a few methods that one should consider when looking into ways to heat a patio.

Easy ways to heat your patio

Outdoor patio heaters

One of the most popular ways to heat a patio is to use outdoor heaters that are actually built specifically to handle such a task. Outdoor patio heaters are safe when used correctly, attractive in design and relatively inexpensive to use. There are a variety of different types of outdoor heaters, and choosing the one that is right for you can be a difficult decision. For example, some outdoor patio heaters are powered by propane, while others use electricity to operate. Depending upon your situation, one type of heater may be better suited for you than another. While outdoor patio heaters can be expensive, they can also be extremely functional, and are ideal for those who can afford them.

Outdoor fireplaces

If you are currently planning your patio and thinking about how you’re going to heat it, you may want to think about adding an outdoor fireplace to the space. Outdoor fireplaces can not only serve to add a great deal of warmth to a patio, but ambiance as well. Incorporating an outdoor fireplace into your patio doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, so long as you work with a hardscape professional that is well-versed in installing this type of amenity. One of the biggest benefits of heating your patio with an outdoor fireplace is the fact that you can use natural wood as a fuel source, which is far less expensive than propane or other types of gas. For the ultimate in luxury, you should consider designing and installing an outdoor fireplace into your patio.

In-ground fire pits

Those that are built into the ground – are great for a home that has a lot of property and the available yard space. Gathering around one can seem very much like gathering around a camp fire and they do offer you the chance to try your hand at a little fire pit cookery – something that is rather different to a barbecue and can become quite addictive! If the only real outdoor space you have is a porch or patio then a free standing fire pit will be your choice. These come in a number of different shapes and sizes and are relatively inexpensive these days. Some of them even have a table built around them for some very exciting dining indeed! Maintaining a traditional wood fueled fire pit does involve some work of course. If you want to avoid some of that you can opt for a gas powered version. These fire pits ignite at the touch of a button and they offer a very quick and easy way to enjoy a real fire without all of the mess that can come along with a wood burning version.

Umbrella mounted patio heater

Here is an useful heater, at the same time it’s a big beach umbrella. It’s equipped with 3 heaters at the stick of the umbrella. Though it’s not only for that single purpose, this patio umbrella heater also good for poolside to warmth yourself after swimming in the cold water.

Outdoor torches

Torches can be very effective for heating a patio, especially given the fact that they are easy to light and put out quickly. Like an outdoor fireplace, an assortment of torches will not only serve to heat the patio, but can add a great deal of mood and light to the space. Perhaps the best thing about heating a patio with outdoor torches is that they tend to be very inexpensive to purchase and fuel, which makes them ideal for those who are on a relatively tight budget. It’s important to realize, however, that outdoor torches can be dangerous when not used properly, and that one should always put a great deal of care into ensuring that they are completely out and cool before leaving the space. Also, consider purchasing torches that are of relatively high quality, which will lessen the chance that they could malfunction and cause a variety of different safety issues.

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