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Haunted House Ideas

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What is Halloween without ghoulish and spooky projects? Haunted houses can become a really neat thing if you have kids, or just like Halloween in general! Here are a few basic ideas of making a haunted house easy!


Haunted Mansion Tips

The most symbolic of all the spooky and ghoulish ideas is the Haunted Mansion. Creating one can make your house to be the most popular in the street and draw kids from all over to come visit! First off all, Haunted house is a project of activities, not a plan of a building. Think where you would like this project to be situated, and what space can you spare. Let’s assume it is your garden, then you need to make a layout of your garden and the activities that would be performed there and frights to be located.

Now, once you have figured out the locations, think of frights and their sequence. Making a labyrinth from clotheslines is one of ideas. Or you can use a natural hideout, created by your garden to locate the frights. Usually the frights are those that startle people, or things that are just disgusting and the third kind that is helping to maintain the tension. The startling effect can be achieved through positioning jumping out vampires and other unholy creatures. The disgusting part can be seen in the various grossing out items like crawling maggots, decomposing heads and other nasty things. Remember one of the atmospheric things to do is to use lights, music and smells. While smell might be really disgusting, using eerie music and lights for dramatization is often the key to success in Halloween. Another kind of atmosphere maintainer includes cobwebs, spiders (although for some it might be in a category I and II), tombstones, etc. So you see, making your own haunted house, even though it is not literally a house, can be really fun and exciting.

Haunted Backyard Inspiration

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