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Hardscapes in Garden Design

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Landscape design in combination with hardscapes is the best way to create a cozy garden. Hardscapes mean small structures or decorative objects mounted on a suburban site, as well as compositions made of them: sculptures and fountains, gazebos, garden pavilions and comfortable benches, bridges, stairs, balustrades.

Using Hardscapes in Garden Design

Metal bench

Metal bench

All these elements dower a garden space with a distinctive style and personality; give the area a finished look. And the most importantly, they are able to make country life more interesting.

The durability of the original look of your site depends on the material, of which the hardscapes are made. It can be wood, metal, stone, plastic or even concrete. What is the difference between the elements of decoration made ​​of a particular material?

Reinforced plastic

Products from reinforced plastic are inexpensive and elegant in appearance. Elegant lace of arches, pergolas and benches combines perfectly with the garden colorful foliage. But the main feature of these elements is the ease and mobility. This means that the place of dislocation of the sets of reinforced plastic can be changed simply by moving the construction to another place. It must be put directly on the ground. No foundation is required.


Metal is also used to fabricate many different architectural forms. Lightweight welded structures (arches, pergolas and trellis) are simple and concise. If they are painted green, it does not distract attention from the magnificent splendor of clematis, climbing roses and other climbing plants. Decorative props, flowering plants will not get lost among other numerous representatives of green garden – trees, flowers, shrubs and grasses.

Natural stone

Natural stone products are good with their thoroughness and respectability. However, the composition and sculpture of this material will cost much. But they will last long. Weather and time has no power above the stone.


Wooden decor in the garden looks very harmonious. Wood can be used to make cozy gazebo, built in different styles; romantic bridges; comfortable and beautiful wooden benches; various carved attics, slides and sandboxes.


Decorative elements made ​​of concrete are very inexpensive. Concrete stairs, balustrades, columns, fences are as durable and decorative as those made of stone. And concrete products are much cheaper. Modern concrete is made of environmentally friendly components, which include frost plasticizers, so it is equally as easy to tolerate hard frost.

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