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Hanging Gardens on Your Windows

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How nice is waking up in the morning, looking out the window and see a beautiful flower bed there with your favorite flowers. It gives positive emotions for the day. If your window is open a less happy picture – arrange a bright, colorful and fragrant flower garden directly behind the glass.

Windows Decoration with Hanging Gardens

Hanging garden on the window

Hanging garden on the window

The most appropriate place for this is certainly a balcony. But in its absence or if that is not enough, than arrange a flower bed under each window. Live plants will protect your home from negative energy and bustle of the city. Besides passers-by will admire the beauty created by your efforts.

Technical side of the issue – most difficult and responsible part

Carefully consider: what plants to place and how to securely fix them to the top. Containers should be spacious to accommodate as much soil as possible. You can hang some beautiful pots under the window or attach durable wooden box along the sill for pots with plants.

Sometimes special outdoor sills are arranged under the windows, fenced by decorative grilles. In any case there should be a metal durable and reliable mount. Anchoring structures should not prevent the window open. Access to the plants should be comfortable.

Choice of colors and ornamental plants – most pleasant part

In order to make flowers please you with lush flowering from early spring to late fall, you need to realistically assess the conditions that you can create, and choose the right plants. If the windows face south, the plants should be drought tolerant.

Plenty of sunshine is good for nasturtium, gypsophila, alyssum. If you cannot water flowers every day, than give preference to succulents.

Lack of sunlight is an advantage, as the choice of plants for such conditions is much richer.

Be an artist

You will not create a beautiful flower garden without creativity, especially in such a limited space. Shape and color of your miniature flowerbed need to be organically fitted into the exterior of the house.

If the windows are small in size, do not frame them by creepers, as they will seem even narrower. It is better to make a hanging box a bit wider than the window and hang it below the window sill. This will visually expand the space.

If multiple windows are located side by side, the floral pattern should be repeated. Symmetry always looks beautiful.

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