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Glowing Stones for Garden Decoration

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Glowing stones framing the garden paths, flowerbeds or miniature ponds, can revive the night landscape. This original decorative lighting can be done by anyone. Luminous stones are made ​​of polymeric plastic, which is mixed in the manufacturing process with a luminous powder, and then poured into molds. There are various versions of these stones, ranging from small chips and flat pebbles to large boulders.

How to Make Glowing Stones for Garden Decoration

Glowing pebbles

Glowing pebbles

The main advantage of these decorative elements is versatility and long service life. Glowing stones placed in outdoor recreation areas, accumulate sunlight during the day and glow at night. They are not afraid of moisture, which makes it possible to place them near water bodies to highlight the coastal zone.

You can create the most original color combinations with an extensive palette of shades of luminous stones that make the site more elegant and festive.

You can make such original decorative elements by your own hands. To make luminous stones you will need to prepare sea pebbles of different sizes, having a rounded oblong shape. Glowing pebbles can serve as a framed for floral arrangements, as well as for individual plants in the garden.

Glowing pebbles

Glowing pebbles

Masters of landscape design recommend using artificial material for this purpose, whose surface is cleaner than that of natural stones.

You can transform an ordinary stone in glowing decor element easily using fluorescent or phosphorescent paint (you can buy it at the hardware store). It is sufficient to apply a coat of paint on the cleaned, degreased and dried the surface of the stone. Be particularly careful to wash away natural stones whose surfaces often accumulate dirt and bacteria. It is better to use fluorescence dye that has a high heat resistance, so it will stay on a stone surface for several seasons.

Put a prepared stone on a sheet of paper and cover it with a layer of paint. It is advisable not to paint the entire stone completely, but only its upper, front and side parts. While covering the surface by paint, you need to carefully treat all cracks and scratches on the stone.

Painted stones are left to dry completely, and only then are put on a permanent place. To extend the life of your homemade luminous stones you can further coat their surface with varnish, designed for outdoor use.

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