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Glow in the Dark Core Pebbles

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The driveway, the path, the walking alley, or the sidewalk can glow in the dark. This can be achieved by the help of colorful core glow pebbles. They will make your driveway look like the Milky Way. These would be an awesome addition to any DIY outside project.

Green Glow Core Pebbles

Green Glow Core Pebbles

Core Glow Pebbles

Eco-friendly pebble lighting requires no electricity and no power. It is engineered with proprietary luminescent material and synthetic resins. When exposed to daylight or a light source the phosphorescent material becomes excited and will maintain an afterglow, very radiant, then slowly scattering as dawn arrives.

Pebbles provide glow-in-the-dark edging and stone solutions for your landscaping or custom concrete or stonework needs. These unique products incorporate amazing technology to keep your gravel or concrete surface radiant for many hours. The luminescent pebbles will illuminate your driveway, garden path or pool for hours upon hours without electricity.

Make your driveway look like something out of a fairy tale with glow stones. It is so perfect for transforming the look of your home into something of a magic land.

Glow For Fun!

Core Glow Pebbles for Fun

Just walking on the pebbles in grass in the dark can make it very unusual and interesting to feel and to see the difference, comparing to walking on the lawn without pebbles.

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Glow Stone Flowers in the Dark

It gives the feeling that you are in the gnome world and soon you will see some of them looking at you, smiling and waving their hands to you, and welcoming to their magic world.


Green Core Glow Pebbles

You would love to walk on this path in the garden between some bushes and among beautiful flowers.

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Glow in the Dark Pool Pebbles

You would deffinitely get impression while swimming in this pool, like being in the sky and floating between the sparkling stars.

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Outdoor Space Stars

What can be more amazing than to have your own Milky Way in your backyard?

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Garden and Pond Edges

Shine the way to your pond or a garden, defining it with these green core glow pebbles.

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Pebbles in the Flower Pot

You will not stumble at night since you will see the flower pot on your way.

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