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Glass Chippings in Landscape Design

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Glass chippings are a favorite material of landscape designers of country houses and cottages. Color of transparent materials creates surreal effect, the brightness of which varies depending on the lighting decor.

Glass Chippings in Outdoor Decoration

Dry creek made of glass chippings

Dry creek made of glass chippings

Glass chips are used in landscape design as a ground cover, for creating dry creeks or a riprap around the stone walls and fences, as well as for flower beds design. Glass chippings are often injected into the slurry to create the decorative effect.

Walls and facades of buildings can be encrusted with glass chippings. Manufactures produce terrazzo tiles for exterior and interior cladding of buildings and structures. They can be used in production of paving slabs, decorative composite (synthetic) stone, agglomerates, asphalt, etc.

Glass chippings in yard decoration

Glass chippings in yard decoration 

Technology of glass chippings application is simple. First you need to make a stencil to apply a layer of adhesive. And then this layer is covered with dry glass chippings. To protect the picture you should apply varnish. The facades of buildings are covered using the same technology. If you are just starting to work with glass chippings, do not proceed directly to large volumes. Try to create a small stained glass window.

You can put glass chippings to good use in Christmas decoration. You can create a beautiful winter composition using glass crumbs. Due to high transparency and brilliance of the material (the crumbs have good light reflectance) you can construct ice figures in the yard, which won’t melt in warm weather. Get inspired and create Christmas pictures: snow, ice, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, etc.

Handmade candleholders decorated with glass chippings

Handmade Christmas candleholders decorated with glass chippings

Glass is a unique material. It varies in color and shape. It is quite functional. That is why it is popular for many centuries around the globe.

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