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Garrison Treehouse by Sharon Davis Design

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Garrison Treehouse looks like an aptly named (at least partially) play fort. The 350 square-foot space outfitted with nets and slides is the perfect kid’s playground, fort, and a treehouse, all in one. It’s an every kid’s dream come true with a climbing net as entry and a roof deck for spotting adults. By the way, it’s not the first treehouse not built on a tree but its charm isn’t lost because of the fact.

Beside the obvious cool features like slides the fort has trap doors, ladders, and a balcony. There is a big window that opens to the meadow. The roof deck is also furnished with a mahogany desk, which makes it great not only for play but also study or creative activities.

The materials used to build this fun house include polycarbonate, reclaimed white cedar, and stainless steel.

Garrison Treehouse Fort


Playhouse fort

Treehouse fort

Garrison Treehouse steel slide

Treehouse slide ark

 Treehouse window

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