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Garden Path of Construction Debris

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You can make an attractive path in the garden area even using construction debris. It is not difficult. After you have finished construction of your house, do not throw debris. It can be very useful to you. Small pieces of brick, concrete, granite, plastic packaging of building materials of different colors – all this can be used to create pathways.

How to Make Garden Pathway of Construction Debris

Garden pathway

Garden pathway

Before you start think of your path arrangement, shape and material for it. Then, create the basis for it. It is necessary to prevent premature “drowning” of the path in the soil.

In order to make the path ​​look decent, you need to work. Initially mark the place of the future path and dig a trench for it. Next pour large slag, stones, and sand with a thin layer. Then pour water and tamp it carefully.

Then protect the path by boards, giving it ​​even shape with their help. Makr bends ​​using hard plastic (it can bend as you like), then pour the sand so as the path could rise above the ground. Then start doing its major upper part. Do not make curbs. Although they look beautiful, the flow of water from the path is much worse with them during the rain.

Then prepare the concrete. For the pedestrian area in the garden, you can use inexpensive concrete and small fillers, concrete solution of water, sand, fine gravel and cement. Next, fill the formwork made ​​of planks and plastic with the solution and make patterns using fragments of stones of different size, chunks of concrete and broken bricks. This will give the pathway an interesting appearance. In addition, it will be quite strong and will last for many years.

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