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Garden Hideout Ideas For Kids

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If you have little kids, they are most likely to enjoy their plays in the outdoor area adjacent to your house. However, you can make their plays even more fun by creating various garden hideout places for the kids. Imagine how fun that would be and the play in the outdoors would be more enjoyable.

Green Hideout For Kids

Garden Hideaway

Trellis Teepee Hideaway Covered With Morning Glory

Green Trellis Teepee

This is one of easiest ways to make a hideout, however, it will take a while to grow the plants. The plants of choice are various vines: morning glory, beans or pea vines. First you need to have three posts that are united at top in a form of a teepee. The posts must be attached firmly to the soil for stability. Then plant the vine around the base, but make sure to do it in time of their planting period. Also it is important to leave a space for an entry. For more privacy you can use a trellis net, this way the vines would have more space to grow and their coverage will be denser.

Playhouse Covered With Ivy

Why reinvent the wheel? Another idea of making a garden hideout for kids is to cover the existing playhouse with ivy or some other climbing plant. Using a net once again helps at increasing the privacy of the construction. Make sure to leave one of the sides for an entry. With this simple idea even the cheapest looking playhouse can become an awesome green hideaway.

Squash Tunnel

Garden Hideout

Squash Tunnel Hideout

For this project you will need to have long rectangular frame for support of the greenery. Spread trellis net across the frame but leave one side for an entrance. Start planting squash on each side of the tunnel. There are different types of squashes: summer and winter types. Each type ripens in its own time: summer squash matures within 2 months from planting while winter squashes mature in 3 months or more.

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