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Garden Hideaway Ideas

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Don’t you just love your outdoor area and would love to spend more time in it, hidden from the eyes of the rest of the world? Welcome, this is a right place for you, because here we discuss garden hideaway ideas.


Outdoor hiding place

Whether you are a sophisticated adult, or a playful child, outdoors is a great area to be spending your time. However, for different reasons, such as weather conditions, time management and other boring and dull excuses, we can’t be outside for as long as we want. Therefore, the outdoor hiding place would be a perfect solution to solve all these reasons at once.

By saying garden hideaway, people don’t usually mean a dirty underground hole, where kids spend their time playing hide and seek. What is usually meant is a place where one can either play, nap, work, study, do practically anything but with an access to the outdoors. Apart from being different in purpose, the design is quite similar.


The garden sheds are one of the most popular constructions to be seen outside, however there are no limitations. Thus it would be no surprise to see a pod designed especially for studying, like Archipod, while being connected with the green nature outside. Sometimes, this outdoor houses can become a place for rest, like the Polyhedron habitable by Manuel Villa. Even your boring garden shed, that has been forgotten for years can be given a second life and turned into a marvelous contemporary garden hideaway. Just try something new, and you’ll see it might work!

Garden Hideaway Ideas

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