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Forest Pond House Inspiration

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For those who just love their outdoor scenery and enjoy seclusion, TDO architects has designed a tiny hut to get away from the urban hardships. The Forest Pond House is a unique urban retreat, that can help you to get reunited with nature while being inside of it!


Unique Pond House

Well, certainly the pond house is not a place to bring your family to, because its maximum size is about six square meters, but it is definitely the place to spend some time with nature and to the think. Located in Hampshire, on the private property in close proximity to the private residence, the pond house features a unique structure, which blends in perfectly into the natural landscape.


As you can see, the pond house, sort of hovers over the pond bank, and gives a splendid views on the nature around the place. The little hut can be used by solitary use, and for children’s play as well. Solely build with materials and building work by TDO architecture, the structure is comprised from is finished in plywood, glass and copper with a total budget little than £7,500. That is quite an investments, sort of like a private tree house, except it is on the ground and near the pond.


The initial shape of the pond house is dictated by the forest solely, and you can see how cleverly the structure fits into the landscape. There is nothing extraordinary about this house, except its sole existence. The hut has only little rectangular space, which allows the owners to spend some time alone their out in the nature, in close proximity of the house. It is interesting, how the manmade architecture dramatically highlights the natural beauty of nature. Here is some description from TDO Architecture:


“The Forest Pond House combines contrasting surroundings and contrasting uses to striking effect. It nestles between the dark drama of the forest and the bright calm of the water. Black, angular sides address the forest; light, curved surfaces and sheet glass address the pond. As well as mirroring the building’s environment, the design creates its dual function. The dark elevations serve as blackboards for drawing in the woods. A rising floor and falling ceiling shrinks one corner down to the size of a child. The brighter end of the Forest Pond House, with its single source of light and bench looking onto the water, offers focus and a place for reflection.”

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