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Fall Landscaping Ideas

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Fall time… Brown, yellow, gold, red colors are everywhere and make us anticipate Halloween, pumpkins and other pleasant fall stuff. Fall landscaping work means preparing your yard for the winter and accentuating the pure fall colors. Combining fall decorative elements and fall flowers and plants will help you create a beautiful fall landscape to flatter your home.

Trees in fall

Attract the attention of the entire neighborhood with the planting of select, stunning trees that complement your home when leaf color changes. Most trees are beautiful when fleshed out with full green leaves but some of them are just incredible in the fall. Oaks, dogwood and red maples generate bright red leaves in the fall. Among the most incredible colored leaves include those in yellow hues. Sugar maples, birch and black maple produce leaves in various shades of yellow. Remember these leaf colors when landscaping individual gardens and containers to incorporate these colors to unify the gardens and tree design.

Fall shrubs

While Burning Bushes are popular for adding fall color, don’t overlook other options that offer flowers and fruit in addition to great foliage. Many viburnums have both, for instance, as do blueberries and serviceberries. Viburnums have large, showy flowers, whereas blueberry and serviceberry fruit is edible for humans as well as birds. Oak Leaf Hydrangeas don’t produce fruit, but their flowers are spectacular enough to warrant your consideration. Their nodding, pyramid-shaped blossoms darken to pink as their foliage turns to deep purple or bright red.

Many trees and shrubs adapt well to being planted in the fall. A few varieties to try are ginkgo, maple and dogwood for lasting fall color and texture. The ginkgo produces leaves that turn a creamy gold, and the red-twin dogwood serves as a nice complement to nearby plantings. The Japanese larch is also a fall favorite for tree plantings. Its needles turn a vibrant gold that add instant drama to a fall landscape. The viburnum fares well as a shrub, border or hedge, producing showy white flowers among its rich, green foliage. Plan to get your trees and shrubs in the ground before the first hard frost hits in your area. This will give the roots a chance to get established.

Fall Container Gardening

Any container will literally come alive with fall flowers. Plant ornamental grasses, pansies, kale and mums in a container and place it center stage on a hay bale. Surround it with pumpkins, ghosts or goblins. Add these plants your fall garden borders to tie the design together. Some truly incredible colors exist in plants that can tolerate fall weather. Kale is a striking blue, mums come in every color of the rainbow and can be planted to return the following year. Make sure to mound mulch around the mums after they bloom and water periodically throughout the winter to preserve your investment.

Landscape Accents

Autumn provides the perfect opportunity to pull our the pumpkins, cornstalks and hay bales to create a delightful landscape to celebrate the season. Don’t wait for the week before Halloween. Instead, create an ornamental garden with four or five stacked hale bales stacked as steps. Place potted chrysanthemums, cornstalks and pumpkins gourds at the entrance to your driveway or on the front porch. Choose mums that complement the color of the leaves on your trees or the flowering fall plants in your garden.

Fall Perennials and Annuals

Fall flowers mean more than mums! Sedum’s foliage and flower buds are interesting throughout the summer season, finally blooming in pinks and rusts come autumn. Another autumn favorite is the Japanese Anemone, which produces beautiful flowers (also great for cutting) on long, elegant stems. For really big fall flower impact, try the Sweet Autumn Clematis. This perennial vine explodes with a profusion of tiny (and VERY fragrant) white flowers in fall, followed by attractive, whorled seed heads. And don’t forget, bulbs aren’t just for spring! Try the autumn crocus (Colchicum), a diminutive yet lovely little surprise in the fall landscape. When selecting annuals in spring, don’t forget to think about your fall color palette. Many sunflowers (blooming in late summer/early fall) come in rich shades of brown, gold, and red, and Chocolate Cosmos look as delicious as they sound.

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