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Facade of Freesias and Thyme

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BCV (Baldauf Catton von Eckartsberg) Architects presented a floral facade of the California Bay Meadows Welcome Center. BCV Architects created a colorful vertical garden on the facade of the Bay Meadows Welcome Center in San Mateo. This facade stands out brightly in the California landscape.

House with Facade of Freesias and Thyme

Bay Meadows Welcome Center in San Mateo, California

Bay Meadows Welcome Center in San Mateo, California

The architects came under the influence of the ideas of the American architect Robert Venturi, and have created such an unusual front facade to make the center a little more prominent, announcing it as an original place, denoting a young and growing part of the city.

The modern urban oasis Bay Meadows Welcome Center in San Mateo is a municipal institution, designed to be a working place and a recreation facility. The architects were tasked to develop a project of the community building and the surrounding area. They turned to the landscape designers of Habitat Horticulture and natural inspiration.

The experts have developed “veggie” facade in the truest sense, entirely covered with grass, leaves and green flowers. Thus the architects tried to create the most attractive appearance of the Bay Meadows Welcome Center, to make visitors want to come back here again and again.

The colored facade with greening plants helps to attract the attention of visitors, inviting passers-by to stop for a moment and enjoy the scenery. The living wall completely covers the facade visually exaggerating the scale of a small building. Bright patch of greenery enlivens desert species of San Mateo, proclaiming the center as a new social center.

A mixture of lush foliage with purple, pink and white flowers is combined with wedges of bright red herbs that create the illusion of movement. Ever-changing nature of the building, as well as a spacious area with loungers encourages visitors to return repeatedly to the center, making it a local landmark.

The single-storey building is quite simple in form and is created on the principle of minimum intervention in the natural landscape of the area. If necessary, it can easily be dismantled or moved to another location.

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