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Disneyland Inspired Outdoors

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Who doesn’t love Disneyland? It is a perfect place to spend time with kids, while still having much fun yourself. How about bringing a piece of Disneyland into your town and property? Today we are going to present to you amazing Disneyland-inspired outdoors.

Disneyland Outdoors

Disneyland Backyard for Mad Tea Party

Disneyland in the Backyard

First of all, a Disney-inspired backyard should not be complicated as you just take inspirational design and bring it into your outdoor area. What are the most famous Disneyland characters? Mickey the mouse and the gang, right? Well, make a children’s playground using the most famous mouse’s ears – your backyard would instantly be revamped with a Disneyland theme.

Now only the playground can highlight the cartoon theme, but also including small accentuating details will also add the charm to your garden. This way you can use old clocks as garden stakes, making the scene quite surreal with an Alice in Wonderland theme. To continue the Alice in Wonderland inspiration, you can also add a huge teacup to the exterior, referring to the Mad Tea party. Notice the low-rise colorful furniture pieces, which your kids will fall in love with.

Disneyland Outdoors

Teacup for Disneyland Backyard

If you have little boys, they will especially like the theme of a Pirate ship. You don’t have to make a whole ship of course; just a deck with some reminiscence of a ship will make them equally happy. Don’t forget to ornate the space in a special Pirate way – make the lookout posts in several variations. From the example below you can see that while kids have fun, adults can also relax on the patio near the playground. When the boys get tired to run and play, they can all gather up in this fancy space for watching TV.

If you have little ones in your household, they will be especially joyous if you will make a tiny train for kids to travel around the property. Imagine how fun it is for them to travel around in a train and to have their own railroad. In this example the train takes the kids to the grandma’s house next door. Don’t forget to make a little castle for the little princess in your house. Enjoy making fun features for your kids and they would love spending time outdoors. Photos via HGTV.

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