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Designing Outdoor Living Room

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Certainly, you would like to have a living outdoor room in your home to have a place where you can raise your feet and deeply feel the true meaning of relaxation. Having a living room is a must for every home for it is where guests are being entertained. Nevertheless, some homes have more than just a living room. Some also have a balcony where they have a separate seating area. Others choose to have an outdoor living room that is even more relaxing than an indoor living room. What makes an outdoor living room truly peaceful is the natural environment around it.

Tips on Designing an Outdoor Living Room

You are planning to have the outdoor living room and you do not know how to get started, then here are some tips to help you get started. It could be a little bit similar to designing an indoor living room but there are many considerations to take for your outdoor space.

Size of Your Space

Space Size

Space Size

You have to consider the space for your outdoor area so that you will know, if the kind of design you want can be accommodated. You should also look into the layout of your outdoor space. Determining these two things can help you know the things that you can place in there and what certain functions can be possibly done.

Home’s Design Complementation

Your outdoor living room will look more appropriate, if you let it harmonize with your home’s landscape and architectural design. Also, let the indoor design seem to connect with what you have outside. Doing this will create oneness for your entire home. This can make it look more inviting being a part of the house even, if it is located outside.

Proper Furnishing

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Since it will be placed outside, you can make use of furniture that is weather resistant like rattan, wicker and other similar materials. Choose the color you like that complements with your indoor furnishings. If your furniture is black, use pastel colors for your cushion. Make sure also that the sizes are apt for your available space.

Go with Nature

Since you will be having a living room outside, you have to consider natural elements. It includes the prevailing winds and the sun orientation. This way, you can be sure that the area for your outdoor living room will not be too hot especially on times when you usually use it.

Nicely Looking Landscaping

Nice Landscaping

Nice Landscaping

It would not be complete if you do not have good landscaping for your outdoor living room. Be sure that you create one that is in harmony with the interior and architectural design style. Have a patio that leads to your kitchen and your entrance. Use some plants and lights that can make your outdoor living room a great place to stay.


Get Your Privacy

Get Your Privacy

Well, it does not mean that just because it is located outside that it can no longer bear some privacy. It still has to. You can do that by placing a fence or plant tall wedges around it. You might also want to consider placing some decorative stones or screen walls. It can also add beauty to the entire seating area.

Covered Area



Consider to have a shelter to shield you from heat and rain. Place umbrellas, gazebos, awnings, and pergolas where you can place your furnishings. It can even give a more intimate and private ambience. Your guests will surely love it to see an outdoor living room like yours away from the sun’s heat and from the rain. However, if your outdoor living room is in the terrace or balcony, you do not have to provide umbrellas or anything.

Space Access

Your outdoor living room should be accessible from the house. It could be placed near the exit door of your kitchen so that you do not need to go far to prepare some food. Make sure also that you have easy access towards water and power.

Budget Consideration

Before you actually start creating your outdoor living room, look into your budget. If your budget is tight, then try working on it on different stages until such time that you finish it. You can start with your patio, then your landscaping, lighting and then arrange your furniture and other accessories.

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