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Decorating Outdoors With Astroturf

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Always wanted a green lawn but never really gotten the time to plant one? Lawns can take quite a lot of time and effort to maintain. That’s why they created astroturf. Cheap and easy to maintain you can use it indoors and outdoors, on patios and in the garden.

Astroturf Outdoor Decor

Atroturf under pergola

Astroturf may not be as lively and pleasant to the touch as the real grass but at least it’s always green and clean. It can also be used not only on the ground but in different other decorative ways. Say you want a green wall without the hassle of planting and fixing the plants to the vertical suface and figuring out all other nuances of vertical gardening. Use a piece of astroturf instead. If you want an unusual day bed where you can rest in the afternoon, cover it with astroturf.

There are many ways to decorate your outdoors with astroturf. Thanks to its highly customizable nature you can have lawn shaped as a sphere or half moon. You can also cover every inch of ground as well as leave any details in the open.

If you only have a balcony as your outdoor area you could still make your lawn dream come true with help of some astroturf. Veranda, terrace, and other open space can benefit from an artificial grass floor making it more inviting and also unsual.

The only downside to astroturf is that it’s, well, artificial. There is nothing quite like the feel of natural grass but the artificial one certainly has its advantages. Beside being low maintenance it also saves water and doesn’t require pesticides, which are both eco-friendly. On the other hand, artificial turf can contain various toxic chemicals and get very hot in warm weather. It’s better to use it either under the shade or a sun awning and let kids play on a natural grass to avoid turf burns.

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