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Decorating Countryside House on Budget

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Why do people usually buy countryside houses? They do so to live closer to nature at least for a while. In modern city apartments we strive to hide in a cozy nest after a hard day at work. A house outside the city in its turn should first completely distract is owner from routine work.

How to Decorate Countryside House on Budget

Countryside house in Texas, USA, designed by Gruppo Architects and TKTR Architects

Countryside house in Texas, USA, designed by Gruppo Architects and TKTR Architects

This effect can be achieved with the help of the design, which is not necessarily expensive. It would be easy to decorate a country house on budget, if you know exactly what gives the best effect.

In our article we will show you a perfect example of a house in Texas, USA, designed by two studios – Gruppo Architects and TKTR Architects.


Often in order to fit the house into the local natural landscape, you need to apply just one approach – the use of environmental materials such as wood and stone. Glass is also well suited, which reminds surface of the pond, or the sky by their reflections.

This variant eventually would become the most budget, if in your area involved in the mining and processing of these materials.


No matter how many people may say about importance of natural light, many people prefer new design solutions such as lamps.

The best option is to provide large panoramic windows in all living areas, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and certainly in the nursery. And you can make spectacular show of lights in different shapes and colors in the evening.


A countryside house is a good place to stay in the open air, where there is no need to struggle with nature, including wild plants, mosquitoes and weather. To equip such a place, decorating it, for example, in the style of Japanese minimalism on budget, would be the perfect solution for maintaining the integrity of the design project.

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