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Customized Pergola Ideas

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Pergola is an overhead construction that is rather large and provides shade for the garden, and some enclosed space for privacy. Generally accepted form of a pergola is a large roof, which beams intersect, and usually the vines are decorating its roof. However, there are also alternatives, so to say customized versions of pergolas and we are going to discover their options!

Unique Pergola Solutions

alternative pergola solutions

Outdoor Library Pergola

alternative pergola solutions

One of the ways to approach customized pergola is to make an outdoor library. As you see, the outdoor room has an arched pergola structure above, with an outdoor seating around the perimeter. The floor of the outdoor room is decorated with paving stones, and the most notable feature is the large bookcase.

Abstract and Bold Pergola

alternative pergola solutions

The usual lattice shape of the pergola above can be substituted with bold abstract lines. They still hold the construction, yet add creativity to the outdoors.

Pergola Nook

alternative pergola solutions

Usually, pergolas add the focal point to the outdoors, however not in this case. Designing a pergola nook has never been easier; just place the future pergola not in the center, but in the corner, away from the eyes of strangers. See how the outer wall is decorated with charming trellis?

Landscaping Point Pergola

alternative pergola solutions

Making a pergola a landscaping statement is also something rather bold. Suppose that you have very spectacular scenery, which opens from one of the spots on your property. Place the pergola right on this spot, to get the views, and an outdoor room! Another feature which could add an interesting note to the outdoors, is adding a pergola-like structure to the enclosed urban porch.

Sleepy Pergola

alternative pergola solutions

Pergola space can also be used to create an outdoor space, which could be used for daytime napping. The roof beams are perfect for hanging the outdoor cradle furniture, don’t you think?

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