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Creative Garden Sculptures by Frances Doherty

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Ceramic garden sculptures of giant seed pods, blossoms and fruit are the products of imagination of the British artist Frances Doherty. All of her sculptures, depicting tiny objects, excessively increased in size.

Ceramic Garden Sculptures by Frances Doherty

Ceramic garden sculpture by Frances Doherty

Ceramic garden sculpture by Frances Doherty

Doherty’s sculptures show how a plant is perceived by bugs. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Can you imagine how interesting these creative landscape sculptures made ​​of ceramics will look on a fresh flower bed on the lawn, on the terrace or in the front yard?

An interesting fact is that Frances came to the art of sculpting not right away. She owned a restaurant in Brighton for ten years (from 1986 to 1996). And then, taking interest to ceramics, she began attending evening classes. Soon the hobby has become so serious that Frances decided to devote her life to her art.

She attended a college for five years, studying photography, plastic and ceramics. Having received a diploma of a higher education in 2001, Doherty rented a space for studio and started her designer’s carrier.

Purple pom-pom by Frances Doherty

Purple pom-pom by Frances Doherty

Many art lovers are happy to buy her garden ceramic sculptures, which have been exhibited at art fairs and galleries, and honored with special awards.

Doherty admitted that she draws inspiration for her unusual creativity from the world of plants and flowers that we see around us in gardens, parks or even in the crevices of the asphalt on the streets’ pavements.

I especially love the secret worlds hidden inside these colors, their shapes and textures, which give a sense of renewal and hope,” the artist noted.

Blue angel by Frances Doherty

Blue angel by Frances Doherty

The artist works exclusively with ceramics. She specifies the basic shape of the sculpture and later changes its model gradually adding other things. This method gives her the opportunity to work with a certain speed preferred by Frances, and lets her control the entire process.

The artist places many of her works on high backwaters. As she says, this should help them to fit into the environment more easily.

All ceramic landscape sculptures by Frances Doherty are amenable to roasting, whereby they become more resistant to various external factors. In addition, the artist covers her artworks with glaze. The glaze is used to most effectively emphasize the shape of the ceramic piece. Very often glaze gives sculptures shine and luster, so that they can literally glow in the garden.

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