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Creative Clutter Solutions For Great Outdoors

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Organizing outdoors may seem like a lot of work and sometimes it is (in case you have tons of clutter to sort and store) but it doesn’t have to be a constant headache. There are quite a few storage and organizing solutions you can use aside from the obvious garden shed where you can disguise all the tools and unsightly hoses and modern storage-friendly outdoor furniture.

Clutter Solutions For Great Outdoors

Vertical storage, crates

Vertical Surfaces

Vertical may not only be gardens but also storage. It is one of the great ways to remove all the clutter from under your feet. Using tool shed or some other premise wall you can carefully store your garden hose, spade, and other tools. You can also build a vertical storage by stacking crates, but make sure that they are securely fixed together especially if you are planning to store some heavy tools there. Otherwise simply stash them under a garden bench or bed. Or you could put a tabletop on them and get a coffee table in the process.

In-deck storage

In-deck Storage

Storage-friendly furniture is good for storing small things but if you need something more serious then an in-deck storage can be a better option. Besides, a big garden shed takes space while deck can serve double function in a small backyard.

Garden hose holder

Garden Pots

Thee decorative bins and pots can be perfect for those who have little to hide, so to speak. You can hide small garden tools and hoses in these containers. Opt for those that have lids to perfectly diguise your equipment and place them among planted pots for decorative purposes. Some hose holders come in shapes of such containers so that you can use the hose without taking it out.

What are your creative storage solutions for outdoors?

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