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Creative And Stylish Fence Design Ideas

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Fence can add so much to your curb appeal. Choose the right design or make your regular fence more creative and it will instantly make your house stand out. It can also carry more function if you need it to, for instance, hold a vertical garden, lighting, or even storage.

A fence doesn’t have to be a row of vertical wooden planks anymore. If can be made of all kinds of materials including old junk that you’d like to either get rid of or give second life to. From bamboo to corrugated metal fences can be so different nowadays.

As you’ll see from the pics below you can order all sorts of designs but you can also play with the idea of regular fence and make a fresh twist on it like the one with turned planks or planks of irregular length.

Cool Fence Design Ideas

River rock fence

Dog fence

Painted fence

Irregular fence

Green fence

Wooden plank fence

Garden fence with greenery

Fence design

Fence wall

Decorative fence design

Corrugated metal fence with shelves

Black fence

Bamboo fence

White fence

Wave fence

Unusual fence design

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