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Country Outdoor Spaces

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Country living space ides is something we all long for at some point in our lives. Don’t think so? How about relaxing by the fire when the sun goes down, on your recycled porch? Feels good, doesn’t it? Here we will discuss several ideas on turning the random outdoor space into an amazing country styled livable outdoors!


Tips on Creating Country Outdoors

Before we start with turning outdoors in country style, we need to figure out what is that style is all about! Country style is all about making use of each item, no matter how useless it might appear. There are many different subdivisions within the style, however all of them are united by several common things: repurposing, soft tones, and good old wooden furniture.

Now, that we know something about this style, let’s see how can we incorporate this style into the outdoor spaces. Some of the main attributes of the style are repurposing and of course laid back atmosphere. The latest can be achieved by making used of all of the cushions, throw pillows, and blankets. Make sure that your furniture outdoors has a home. Let’s assume that it is your porch that needs a makeover, and this way all the furniture in that area you use will have a home!


Some experts advice to be creative when decorating in country style, like introducing unusual items of the past. A water wheel can add essential charm to the outdoor space, if you add it to the pond scenery. Generally water features in the garden are very calming, however, if it is just the porch we are talking about – adding certain colors, such as ice blue or turquoise might do the trick.


One of the important features of the country style living is furniture and how you present it. It can be just a simple wooden bench, but the bench can turn into an awesome couch if you introduce cushions and nice fabric with patterns. The cushioned seating area can be made by yourself! The main thing is to be creative and to look at the old junk as an opportunity to give them new life!

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