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Container Water Garden

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Container water garden is one of the exceptional ways to introduce a water feature into the outdoor area. Here, you will find several amazing ideas on container water gardening, so stay for a while and check them out!


Tips on Making the Container Water Garden

If you are thinking about introducing a water feature into your garden, one of the ways is to make the container water garden. It is a cute way to make the outdoors lush, and besides it is something quite original to do. First thing to consider when starting a container garden is to choose a specific space and containers. Choose half barrel or a big flowering pot for the container, however if you don’t want to purchase the container – be creative. Perhaps somewhere, hiding in your garden shed or a garage hides the perfect container from the good old past! It can be anything – a baby bathtub, a small pool – anything that you think is appropriate.


If the container that you have chosen is not water proof, make sure that you will make it water proof. For this matter, you can use heavy-gauge trash bag or any sealing material to create a watertight surface. The water container garden should be placed in the full sun, so make sure to position it correctly. More importantly the container is the possible focal point of the garden, so choose the location wisely!


Once you have chosen the location of the water container garden it is time to act! Fill the container with water for two thirds of the container and start arranging the plants. Among the perfect choices of the water plants are Arrowhead, Dwarf Papyrus, Wild Celery, Fanwort, Water Blue Bells, Horsetail, Japanese Iris, Lotus, Umbrella Plant, Water Hyacinth and Water Lily. When selecting the plants, take into consideration their compatibility – either by appearance or by treatment preference. To create the variety of heights, plant the greenery on top of bricks or overturned pots to create a variety of height. Then, it is all a matter of decorating the pot – you can include there fountain features, as well as little pond fish – just make sure to take care of it!


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