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“Collapsible Leaves” by Azuma Makoto

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Artist and florist Azuma Makoto presented a series of magnificent installations of lush green leaves at the opening of the Isetan Shinjuku department store in Japan. The natural green collages called “Collapsible Leaves” are installed in all departments of the shopping center and on bulletin boards.

“Collapsible Leaves” Installations by Japanese Florist

“Collapsible Leaves” by Azuma Makoto in the Isetan Shinjuku department store in Japan

“Collapsible Leaves” by Azuma Makoto in the Isetan Shinjuku department store in Japan 

The designer’s exhibition “Plants Art” consists of green “carpets”, enveloping all columns, walls and showcases of the shopping center. Makoto’s unusual works demonstrate the relationship between fashion and nature.

Makoto also created mandalas of various shades of green, imitating chandeliers and hung them from the mirrored ceiling in each department. The most exciting design was created in a large lobby. A green “tapestry” with the height of more than 9 feet covers the wall, and the installations made of living plants look like they are floating in the air. The designer and his creations remind that natural plants can brighten up any interior.

Makoto Azuma is a Japanese florist, designer and artist who creates art objects made ​​of flowers and plants. He owns a flower shop “Jardins des Fleurs” (“Garden of Flowers”) . He explores and uses not only the outer beauty of flowers and plants, but also creates artworks of all plant diversity. His work has been exhibited in the best galleries, and on international exhibitions. He also collaborates with various fashion houses and leading global brands.

Meeting with floral world was unexpected for him. Since he had his rock band in high school, Makoto Azuma decided to move to Tokyo to continue making music. But at the new place he had to look for a job, and he found it in a flower shop, located within a walking distance from his home. Until that moment he was never interested in flowers, and had no idea that such world exists. The young man was shocked with his new discovery, and subsequently chose the plants world as his life’s work.


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