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Use Just These 3 Decorations For Christmas Outdoor Decor

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Decorating your front yard or house exterior shouldn’t be expensive. All you really need is a few Christmas lights, a bunch of baubles or evergreen twigs and branches. Most would probably find all three in their holiday decoration box. So let’s decorate away.

Santa costume

Santa costume hanging on Christmas lights makes a creative outdoor decoration

Christmas Lights

There are so many ways to decorate with Christmas lights. You can wrap them around the columns, railing, and trees. They can be colorful or monochromatic. Use them to create balls of light by wrapping them around spherical objects or special DIY round carcasses.

Balls and Baubles

Balls and baubles are the best for Christmas decor regardless of whether you’re trying to decorate indoors or outdoors. Hang them on strings or arrange them in an old planter or a bird bath.


Evergreens are like pine cones. They scream Christmas and can be used in so many different ways to decorate outdoors and the interior. Arrange them on the windows, in pots on the porch, or in wreaths on the door.

Christmas Outdoor Decor Ideas

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