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Caring and Placing of Garden Statues

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Make your garden as beautiful as you can, use your imagination, experimenting with garden statues. The statues can be an integral part of any garden adding to the aura of a peaceful sanctuary. Statues of any size, either large or small, can add to the beauty of a garden by complementing the incredible smelling flora, beautiful tall trees, and variouslyshaped bushes. Gardens have held a magical presence in the lives of humans over the last few centuries. As we enter a garden, smell the aromatic and sensual delight of flowers, gaze upon the dazzling colors of the flowers, and enjoy the visual stimulation provided by the statues placed throughout the garden.

Statues Placement

The placement of statues should be neatly thought out in order to get the best effect. Our garden statues are for our enjoyment and pleasure. They complement the flora and fauna of any natural or fabricated garden. Take into consideration the existing plants, trees, flowers, and bushes when deciding where to place new garden statuary. The bright colors of flowers can contrast the natural coloring of the concrete, plaster, or cement statues that you have in the garden. The contours of bushes and hedges can add a tender touch that complements the rough contours of the statues. To locate a large statue in the corner is an ideal spot, such as an animal, a child, or an angel. This is a fantastic place to create a small collection of statues, completing with an adorable small bench where you can rest and enjoy your time.

Seasonal Statues

Holiday statues are a real delight to anyone with a great passion for garden statuary and decorating. As holidays change, the garden switches from one magical holiday theme to another. Rabbits and baskets for Easter, Turkeys for Thanksgiving, Santa Claus and Reindeers for the Christmas time, monsters, goblins, and ghouls for the Halloween season.

Caring for Statuary

When you have a statue in your garden, you cannot just leave it there and expect it to take care of itself. Many people are mistaken to think that when they have garden statues made of concrete or stone, they can leave them outside all winter long and no damage will occur. All garden statues should be kept off the ground during the winter as well to give them better protection. The freezing of the ground can cause the base of the statue to shift and this could make it unstable. Any water that comes in contact with the statues in your garden can cause damage. Painted statues may need to be placed in an enclosed area that will give them protection. While the stone and concrete may hold up well enough, the painted areas are sure to look a bit less attractive. Furthermore, most garden statues should be placesd upon a concrete pavement, paving stone, or concrete block to protect them from the elements of soil and ground. When washing the statues, you should not use harsh detergents or tools, no matter what type of material the statue is made from. Such detergents can cause the coating on the statue to bubble and crack and peel. A clean cloth and warm soapy water with a mild dish detergent is all you need for giving your statue a good cleaning.

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