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Butterfly Garden Ideas

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Butterfly gardens, as the name suggests, are the gardens that attract and feed butterflies.  Of course most part of the plants in these gardens will be flowers, but not all flowers are suitable for this project. Here you will find the best plants for a butterfly garden and ideas on how to start the butterfly garden project.

Butterfly Garden

Fragrant Butterfly Garden by Dorling Kindersley

Butterfly Garden Project

Before starting the butterfly garden project there are certain things to consider: location, variety of butterflies and type of flowers. The location can be sunny, but make sure it has a shield from the wind, as butterflies are very delicate creatures. Also there should be shrubs located nearby so that butterflies to hide in the night-time. Butterflies also need a source of water, so make sure that you prepare them some kind of a tiny shallow container with water. Remember about spacing of the plants, as even flowers do take up significant areas. Now we can go off to actual gardening part.

The flowers for the butterfly garden should be with nectar, but not only flowers are appropriate. Plants such as aster, black-eyed Susan, butterfly bush, butterfly weed, cosmos, ironweed, Joe-Pye weed, phlox, purple coneflower, sedum, and zinnia are good choices for butterflies. Don’t forget that butterflies reproduce from larvae, so make sure that these creatures also have something to eat, and what they eat largely depends on a kind of butterfly.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Gardening In Funky Containers

Mostly the selection of plants depends on the region you live in and the selection of butterflies you want to attract. Butterfly gardens can also be replicated in small scale, using the skills you might have in container gardening. Using  the information above you can make a container butterfly garden, but don’t forget supplying butterflies with shelter and water. Photos via HGTV.

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