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Bohemian Backyard Summer Getaway Ideas

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Bohemian backyard is a dream. It looks like a fairy tale and it makes for a great summer getaway. It’s also not that hard to design and decorate as you might think.

Bohemian Summer Getaway

Bohemian tent

A truly bohemian backyard requires as little as a seating place and a sun awning. The rest is simply a matter of taste and decor. Bohemian style encompasses lots of different styles but it certainly has a definite feel to it. It’s relaxed, overdressed, and exuberant.

You can make it more vintage or go with Moroccan style if you’d like something exotic in your yard. If, however, you have in your possession something more a la rustic or shabby chic you can definitely go with that. In a sense bohemian style is quite budget-friendly. You can take out old decorations and rugs, throw pillows, and lanterns into the open and start decorating.

A tent or a light self-made canopy is a perfect bohemian sun awning, but you can also take advantage of your porch, veranda, or pergola if you want to. A bohemian tent is an interesting way to set up a friendly or family picnic or spend summer evenings.

You can also set up your seating space anywhere if you have a few rugs and carpets and a dozen of throw pillows. Tile floor, lawn, or sandy ground is no obstacle. If you’d like to lie down though a hammock might be more suitable.

To decorate make or buy some hanging lamps and decorations. Small tables could also be used to serve drinks and snacks. But if you don’t have those you could as well use trays, tree stumps, and driftwood. Use your imagination and don’t hurry to bin interesting details that could enrich your bohemian backyard.

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