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Bog Garden Designs

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Bog gardens are unique in their design, as they are meant for places where no one would consider planting a garden. If you have leaky pond, or an area where the soil is always damp, bog garden is an ideal solution for taking advantage of that space. Here you will find out all you need to know about bog garden designs.

Bog Garden Design Ideas

Bog Garden

Bog Garden By Mark Golbach

Bog gardens can take care of the soil with drainage problems, but of course there are several general guidelines you need to follow in order to make one. Taking into consideration that bog gardens are located on the damp soil, plant the moist-loving plants. But before going that far, think over the details. Consider the location of your bog garden that will depend on the moist soil. Usual spot for bog gardens are near the pond, however, don’t limit the location just by the water feature.

Generally small bog gardens are more convenient, as they are easier to maintain.  If you would consider making a large bog garden make sure to include the stepping stones, so that your feet wouldn’t sink into the garden’s soil. Winter is an ideal starting time for bog garden project, as it won’t take away your attention from the primary garden.

When making a bog garden design, it is natural to use a pond liner, however, this might not be necessary if your garden is naturally waterlogged. You should also know that some plants need additional drainage and air around their roots. In worst cases, plants can develop a fungus disease that will cause their roots to rot. Take inspiration from the bog garden design ideas presented below.

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