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BBQ Area Design Ideas For Summer

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It’s a barbeque season soon, so it’s time to think about a BBQ setup and a nice stylish area to enjoy it and receive guests. There are many ways to design your BBQ area with modern equipment and materials. There are mobile outdoor kitchens that can make cooking outside a breathe. There are stylish planters that can bring style and privacy to your backyard with small trees, shrubs, and big plants.

Sun awnings are diverse and functional. There are beautiful pergolas, canopies and sheds to protect your seating area from the sun and falling tree leaves. A creative fence will not only increase your privacy but will also add style points to the area.

Finally, if you are feeling that your yard is too practical and would like to add some features to increase both comfort and style go with built-in cushioned or wooden seats for guests to sit and chat while you are cooking your signature ribs or burgers and modern and sleek planter beds to plant shrubs, blooms or ornamental grasses to jazz up your cooking area.

BBQ Area Design Ideas

Outdoor BBQ area

BBQ in Melbourne

Pergola BBQ

BBQ in pergola

Shed BBQ

BBQ in the yard

BBQ area

Terrace BBQ

BBQ area

BBQ in the backyard

BBQ backdrop

BBQ seat

BBQ backyard

Black and wood BBQ kitchen

Outdoor BBQ kitchen

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